Privacy Agreement
1. All third parties (including customers, suppliers, sub-contractors or agents) who have the right to use personal information collected and maintained by Kok must comply with this Privacy Policy. This policy is available free of charge on the official website of Kok. This policy sets out the obligation to manage and protect personal information. This policy also lists the operations, procedures, and systems that are committed to ensuring compliance with privacy laws and practices. In this Privacy Policy:

• “Disclosure” information refers to information provided by people other than Kok;
• “Personal” means the owner of the personal information we collect, use or disclose;
• “Personal Information” means information or opinions relating to an individual identified;
• “Privacy Officer” means a contact within Kok regarding questions or complaints about the handling of personal information;
• “Sensitive Information” means personal information relating to race, political inclinations, religious beliefs, members of trade associations or other professional or trade associations, sexual orientation, criminal records and health information;
• The use of information “use” refers to the use of information within Kok.

2. What kind of personal information do we collect and store?
We collect and store the following personal information of individuals:
• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• Email address
• Career
• Bank account information
• ID number (if required, eg China)
• Passport information (if needed)
• Driver's license information (if needed)
• Past investment experience (if needed)
• Investment frequency (if needed)

3. How do we collect personal information
Usually, we collect personal information directly from individuals. For example, we will collect personal information when an individual opens an account, or visits our official website, or communicates with us. Sometimes we collect personal information from third parties. When personal information is provided by a third party, we take steps to ensure that the individual is aware of the items listed in this Privacy Policy.

Kok does not collect sensitive information unless it has obtained personal consent or complies with the exceptions in the APPs. These exceptions include, where suspicious illegal activity or material misconduct occurs, as required by law or authorized or necessary to take appropriate measures.

If we are unable to provide the personal information we request, we are unable to provide our services to consumers or to meet individual needs.

Kok does not process anonymous or pseudonymous personal information because it is impractical to deal with unidentified individuals.

4. Unknown personal information
Kok will receive personal information from unknown sources. Kok employees must notify the Privacy Officer of all unidentified personal information received by the Privacy Officer.

5. Whose personal information do we collect?
We collect and maintain information about the following individuals (not limited to these types of people):

• consumers;
• potential customers;
• service provider;
• Future employees, employees and contractors;
• Other third parties we need to contact.

6. Website Collection
When we receive emails and online forms, we collect personal information from ( At the same time, we also analyze website traffic through a third party, which is applied to the software. Such analysis collects information anonymously. Our privacy policy can be viewed by clicking on the "Privacy Policy" on our website.

7. Why does Kok collect and store personal information?
The purpose of collecting, using, and disclosing personal information is:

• Assisting Kok to provide you with products or services;
• Consider and evaluate a product or service you request;
• Provide you with information about a product or service that invites you to participate in marketing activities;
• Protect our business or other consumers from fraud or illegal activities;
• The need to engage in our business and other management and administrative tasks;
• Consider any concerns or complaints you have;
• Manage any legal actions related to enthusiasm;
• Comply with relevant laws, regulations and other legal obligations;
• Help us improve the products and services we provide to our customers and improve their overall business.

8. How do we use and disclose personal information?
The main purpose of the use and disclosure of personal information is to collect the purpose, and the reasonable secondary purpose is to be related to the main purpose or other circumstances under the authorization of the privacy law.

The purpose of our use and disclosure of personal information is set out in Section 7 above. Unless otherwise agreed by an individual or other limited circumstances (as required by law), sensitive information will only be used for usage and disclosure that is directly related to the secondary purpose.

We will have other people involved in providing services to us, which may allow that person to hold the personal information we maintain. In this case, we will prohibit that person from using personal information unless it is provided for a specific purpose. We prohibit others from using your information for direct marketing purposes of the product or service.

As for the sensitive information we hold, Kok will attempt to unidentify the information if possible. We will also take reasonable steps to remove all personal information of individuals we no longer need.

9. To whom do we disclose personal information?
We need to think about the following types of organizations to disclose your personal information:

• Kok related entities;
• We act as agents, contractors or service providers for various activities, such as our attorneys, accountants, account collectors or other consultants;
• an organization that transfers or sells some or all of our assets or business;
• Manage our payments, payment merchants, and other financial institutions, such as banks;
• Regulators, government agencies, legally mandated institutions, and courts;
• Any other person you authorize us to disclose your information or disclose your information as required by law.
• We will only disclose your personal information to these organizations so that they can better manage, manage and consult.

10. Sending information overseas
In some cases, we disclose personal information to tax authorities, police stations, and other anti-money laundering/anti-financial terrorism regulators located outside Australia. These receiving countries are:

• China
• Hong Kong
• United Kingdom
• United States
• EU countries
We will not send your personal information to recipients outside Australia unless:
• We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that recipients do not violate privacy laws or APPs;
• The recipient is subordinate to an information privacy plan similar to privacy law;
• The individual has agreed to the disclosure

11. Management of personal information
Kok knows the importance of customer information security to customers. At all times, we will endeavor to ensure that the personal information we collect and store is not misused, interfered with or lost, and that it is not authorized for use, alteration or disclosure. Kok employees must respect the confidentiality of the personal information we collect.

Often, personal information is stored in the customer's file and is also stored in the computer database. All folders are stored in a safe place. The information in the computer will be protected by a password.

For information about computer storage, we apply the following guidelines:
• Data ownership is determined internally by Kok;
• Check passwords regularly;
• When an employee is assigned to a new position, we change the employee's access rights;
• Employees are prohibited from using certain parts of the system;
• The system automatically records and reviews all unauthorized use attempts;
• The system automatically limits the amount of personal information displayed on one screen;
• Unauthorized employees are prohibited from updating and editing personal information;
• All personal computers with personal information are safe;
• All data is encrypted during network transmission;
• There are restrictions on the data reports contained in the printed personal information;
• Kok has procedures for handling unwanted personal information;
• Personal information is rewritten to a certain extent when certain information is no longer needed.

All of Chengcheng’s employment procedures, including application and termination of labor contract procedures, are confidential. All job attributes, such as classified information and wages, are kept confidential. According to APPs, when we no longer ask for a personal information, we take reasonable steps to destroy the information.

12. Direct marketing
Kok does not use personal information for direct marketing purposes unless:
• Personal information does not include sensitive information;
• Individuals reasonably expect us to use or disclose information for direct marketing purposes;
• We provide an easy way to opt out of direct marketing;
• Individuals have not requested to withdraw from direct marketing information from Kok.

We use or disclose personal information for direct marketing purposes only with the consent of the individual.

Kok will use or disclose personal information for direct marketing purposes only when the individual agrees.

Individuals have the right to request a withdrawal from direct marketing, and we must implement the request through a reasonable period of time.

Individuals can also ask Kok to provide information sources. Once such a request is made, Kok must inform the individual of the source of the information for free for a reasonable period of time.

13. Identification
We do not use identifications specified by government agencies, such as tax IDs, medical insurance numbers, etc., as the purpose of archiving our documents, except for those that are exempt from privacy laws. We are committed to avoiding data matching, that is, comparing two or more sets of collected data for the purpose of identifying common characteristics of individuals for more personal investigations.

14. How do we maintain the accuracy and effectiveness of our personal information?
Kok is committed to ensuring that the personal information collected, used and disclosed is relevant, accurate, complete and up-to-date.

We encourage individuals to contact us to update the personal information we hold. If we are to correct information that has been disclosed to other entities in the past, we will inform other entities within a reasonable period of time. When we believe that the information is inaccurate, with your permission, we will take reasonable steps to correct the information within 30 days. We do not charge for corrections.

15. You can get your personal information
According to the exceptions listed in the Privacy Act, individuals can obtain personal information held by us by contacting the Kok Privacy Officer. We will provide access within 30 days of individual request. If we refuse to provide information, we will give a reasonable reason for rejection. If an individual asks for their personal information, they can view their personal information in a well-informed office. We will ask for identity verification and charge for search and photocopying.

16. Update to this policy
We will review this policy at any time in accordance with legal and technical updates and changes in our business and corporate environment.

17. Responsibility
It is the responsibility of the management to inform employees and other relevant third parties about the integrity of the privacy policy. Management must ensure that changes to this policy are communicated to Kok employees and other relevant third parties. It is the responsibility of all employees of Kok and other relevant third parties to understand and abide by this Privacy Policy.

18. Privacy Training
Kok will promptly let all new employees obtain this privacy policy. All new employees will have the opportunity to participate in privacy training, including the obligations of Kok under the privacy laws and APPs requirements. Employees must ensure that if handled improperly, it will result in privacy-related events that adversely affect Kok and its consumers.

19. Non-compliance and disciplinary action
Employees and related third parties must report violations of privacy to management. Neglecting the integrity policy is not considered an acceptable excuse for the conduct to be unrelated to compliance. Disciplinary action will be taken against employees who do not comply with the Compliance Privacy Policy or other relevant third parties.

20. Accident or Complaint Handling
Kok has an effective complaint handling process for managing privacy risks and incidents.

Complaint handling process includes:
• Identify systemic, ongoing complaints;
• Increase consumer confidence in the integrity of privacy procedures;
• Help build and maintain a reputation and business.

Individuals can lodge complaints with Kok Privacy Officer regarding the treatment and handling of their personal information.

21. Contractual arrangements with third parties
Kok must ensure that all contractual arrangements with third parties are reasonably stated as a matter of privacy. Kok will inform third parties of this privacy policy. Under the Privacy Act, third parties will be required to enforce policies related to the management of personal information. These policies include:

• Regulate the collection, use and disclosure of personal and sensitive information;
• Unidentify personal and sensitive information if needed;
• Ensure that personal and sensitive information is kept safely and only authorized employees or agents of third parties are entitled to it;
• Ensure that personal and sensitive information is only disclosed to organizations that are approved by Kok.

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