Choose a broker that offers the best trading conditions

At K.O.K Markets, our priority is to provide you the best possible trading conditions, so that you can make the most of asset price movements. This is why we bring you the best of leverage, margins, spreads and commissions.

Leverage of up to 1:500 (please fill in appropriate amount)
With leverage, you can multiply your exposure to your chosen asset. Based on the level of leverage you choose, you will need to put in only a fraction of the total amount required to open a position. We will fill in the rest of the amount.

But remember that leverage multiplies both profit and loss potential. So, choose your leverage carefully.

Tightest Spreads & Low Commission Rates
Minimise your trading costs with the most competitive spreads, starting at just 0.0 pips (please fill in appropriate amount).

The higher the spread and the commission, the greater will be the trading cost for you. This can eat into any profits you might earn. With K.O.K Markets, you can maximise your profit potential with minimal cost of trading.

Trading Hours

Access the markets seamlessly, 24/5, with a powerful trading platform and multilingual support from an experienced team of finance professionals. With CFDs, you don’t need to wait for stock exchanges to open or a specific forex market session to start. Trade at any time and from anywhere.

Overnight Fees
Swap rates or overnight fees are charged on trading positions that are held overnight until the next trading session. Overnight fees vary for different assets, so please check them before you decide on the timeframe of your position.

At K.O.K Markets, we ensure that you can access the best possible swap rates for overnight positions.

Margin & Margin Call
To be able to trade with leverage, your trading account needs to have a minimum balance. This balance is known as margin. However, there will be times when the market moves in an unfavourable direction. This might require you to deposit additional funds in your account to maintain the margin amount.

When the account balance falls below the required margin level, you will receive a notification from us to deposit the amount required. This is known as a margin call. With robust risk management tools, available on the MT5 trading platform, you can ensure that your margin levels are maintained in the best possible way.

Ready to power your trading journey with the best trading conditions?

Risk Warning:Margin trading for all Forex, Precious Metals and Indeces products is associated with significant risks and is therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest within your own tolerances after fully understanding the risks involved. For more details on risk, please see Rongcheng Risk Statement and Margin Policy