Make the most of the markets with nominal overnight fees
At K.O.K Markets, our aim is to help you access the lowest cost of trading. This is why we charge competitive and transparent overnight fees. This fee applies to trades that are held over from one trading day to the next and is also known as Swap Rate.

What You Should Know About Overnight Fees
This fee is charged only for trades that are held overnight. It is determined by the difference between the interest rates of the base and quote currency in forex trading and whether you hold a long or short position.

• Any positions that are left open at the end of the day will be automatically rolled forward to the next trading day.
• These positions will be subject to the current interest rate swap, which will be calculated at a specified time, daily.
• Different forex pairs have different overnight fees, which are calculated in terms of standard lot sizes or 100,000 units.
• Overnight fees are higher during the weekends.

For Islamic Account Holders
We, at K.O.K Markets are proud to bring you Sharia-compliant trading accounts, specifically tailored to the needs of our Islamic clients.

In compliance with the prohibitions under Riba, Islamic accounts are not charged swap rates or interest payments.

Access low-cost trading and the best possible trading conditions with K.O.K Markets.

Risk Warning:Margin trading for all Forex, Precious Metals and Indeces products is associated with significant risks and is therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest within your own tolerances after fully understanding the risks involved. For more details on risk, please see Rongcheng Risk Statement and Margin Policy