Power Your Trades
Access the global markets and take advantage of multiple trading opportunities. With K.O.K Markets, you can trade multiple assets with a single account. Diversify your portfolio and power your trades with robust tools on the most popular trading platform in the world. Simply open an account and access the markets on your laptop or mobile device.
Why Choose K.O.K Markets
Cutting-Edge Trading Experiences
Trade with a broker committed to
• The safety of your funds
• Tight spreads
• Ultra-fast trade execution
• Deep liquidity
• Excellent local support
• Powerful trading tools via MT5
• Trading on the go
• One account for multiple assets
• Informed trading with educational resources
Award-Winning Platform
Trade on the Most Popular Platform in the World
MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is an award-winning, multi-functional trading platform designed to ease trading across a wide range of asset classes. This feature-rich platform is known for:
1、User-friendly and secure interface;
2、Automated trading with Expert Advisors;
3、Depth of Market;
4、21 timeframes;
5、6 types of pending orders;
6、38 technical indicators;
7、44 analytical objects;
8、Unlimited charts;
9、Multi-device compatibility
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Be Your Own Boss
Add an income stream and work from anywhere and at any time by partnering with a broker invested in your success. With K.O.K Markets, you get to earn with every client you refer to us.
• Earn for every client who opens an account with us
• Earn a percentage of each client’s net deposits
• Earn based on lots traded by clients referred by you
• Get dedicated support from a relationship manager
• Get all the marketing support you need to grow your business
• Gain peace of mind with complete transparency of earnings
Trading Support
We Want You to Succeed,We are committed to helping you make informed trading decisions. This is why we offer you a wide range of educational resources, including articles, tutorials, videos and much more. Benefit from market analysis by experts to fine tune your trading strategies.
You can also access individual support from a skilled support team, 24/5. Get help from finance professionals who understand the markets in your region and have deep insights into your trading needs.
Customer service
Report management
Intelligent custom transaction activity report, which allows customers to view all transaction and account details in time, so as to analyze transaction cost and order transaction price quality, and better optimize profit and loss.
Transaction service
K.O.K. has always worked closely with the world's top banks and non-interbank liquidity providers to continuously provide customers with deep liquidity while supporting FIX API connectivity to provide customers with the best quotation with low latency and optimal execution.
Account service
Not only do customers have a wide range of account types, but they can also easily set up trading accounts, including account information, trading products, and master accounts, which are highly capable and secure. At the same time, you can experience the real disk function through the demo account.
Customer support
Track customer service requirements in real time, resolve customer feedback in a timely manner, assist customers in trading activities, 5*24 hours long standby service.
Financial calendar
Trading hours, major events, and the latest information from Rongcheng can be seen at a glance, and customers can make timely adjustments accordingly. Help customers to grasp the pulse of the times, optimize decision-making programs, and tap into greater business value.
Daily review
Regularly conduct the latest analysis of foreign exchange movements. The professional reconnaissance analysts with years of practical experience will write a comprehensive reference to the world's major financial and economic events, and provide customers with subjective information reference and broaden information channels.
About Us
We are a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals with a passion for the financial markets. We strongly believe that the markets should be easily accessible to everyone. This is why we bring you the most powerful tools and best-in-class support to make the most of the markets.

Risk Warning:Margin trading for all Forex, Precious Metals and Indeces products is associated with significant risks and is therefore not suitable for all investors. Please be sure to invest within your own tolerances after fully understanding the risks involved. For more details on risk, please see Rongcheng Risk Statement and Margin Policy